The PhD Network is a dedicated community for students of colour considering or undertaking doctoral research and early career researchers (within 5 years of completing a PhD below grade 9). It is one of the free resources available to members of Black British Academics. It was established in April 2014 following our Race Equality Survey, which reveals specific needs of postgraduate research students from racialised minority backgrounds not being met within their institutions. Through regular consultation with members and through research, Black British Academics is leading the way in extending understanding of the needs of Black doctoral researchers in order to eradicate systemic challenges that impact progression.                     


  • A platform for sharing personal perspectives and experiences of undertaking doctoral/post doctoral research. 
  • A space for seeking guidance and support from senior academics.
  • A space for sharing and learning about important opportunities such as conferences, seminars, jobs or events. 
  • A space that facilitates collaboration with other members on research projects and other activities.


The 'Black' in Black British Academics is used politically and conceptually as a term of empowerment and is inclusive of staff and students from all racialised minority backgrounds (African, Caribbean, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Chinese, dual heritage etc.). While it is accepted that these groups are heterogeneous, we are united as a strategy to foster unity and collaboration.



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